Taxonomic Notes on Megophrys Frogs (Megophryidae: Anura) of Vietnam, with Description of a New Species

Nikolai L. Orlov, Nikolay A. Poyarkov, Jr., Tao Thien Nguyen


A new species, Megophrys latidactyla sp. nov., is described based on a single specimen collected from Pu Mat National Park, Nghe An Province, northern Vietnam. The new species can be easily distinguished from other known congeners by external morphology. The new species is characterized by its small size with mature male SVL 38.9 mm, fingers with rudimentary web and distinct dermal fringes; finger lengths: I < II < IV < III; subarticular tubercles on fingers present: 1, 1, 2; 1; toes very flattened with wide lateral fringes; toe lengths: I < II < V < III < < IV; subarticular tubercles on toes present: 1, 1, 2, 3, 2; feet webbed: I 13/4 – 21/2 II 2 – 31/4 III 21/2 – 33/4 IV 33/4 – 2 V; fringing on toes continues to the inner side of tibia as a broad dermal flap; head flat, wider than long (HL/HW — 0.85); eyes large, protuberant, with a series of short palpebral horns on the upper eyelid; vomerine teeth present; vomeral ridges distinct, narrow, oblique; body dorsoventrally compressed; dorsum tuberous; ventral surfaces smooth; two oblique ridges forming a V-shaped figure at the head basis and scapular region; transverse fold in the middle part of the dorsum; oblique fold resembling an inverted V-shape in the rear part of the dorsum; tympanum rounded, large (TD/ED — 0.85); supratympanic fold well-developed; nuptial pad prominent, large, velvet, covering more than a half of the length of the finger I; coloration of dorsum light-brown with dark spots; belly marbled with alternating dark and light spots. The new species is the tenth known Megophrys in Vietnam, and represents the first record of Megophrys other than M. major in the northern part of the Annamite (Truong Son) Mountains. Composition and distribution of the genus Megophrys in Vietnam is discussed. We also provide a preliminary identification key to the Vietnamese species of Megophrys.


Megophrys latidactyla sp. nov.; Megophrys palpebralespinosa; new species; Vietnam; morphology; taxonomic key; Annamite Mountains; Nghe An Province

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