Rediscovery of Hemidactylus scabriceps (Annandale, 1906) (Reptilia: Sauria: Gekkonidae) from Eastern Tamil Nadu, India

S. R. Ganesh, S. R. Chandramouli


Hemidactylus scabriceps, a gekkonid lizard originally described from the Ramnad district of Tamil Nadu, India, is recorded from Mannampandal, Nagapattinam district in the same state. This is the third known locality for this species in India and the first Indian record in 72 years. The species also occurs in Sri Lanka. Data on lepidosis and natural history, as well as the first life photographs of H. scabriceps are provided.


Hemidactylus scabriceps; rediscovery; distribution; Tamil Nadu; Sri Lanka; tropical dry evergreen forest

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