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On the Occurrence of Asian Giant Softshell Turtle, Pelochelys cantorii Gray 1864, in Cauvery River, Tamil Nadu, Southern India

Gnanaselvan Melvinselvan, Das Nibedita


Pelochelys cantorii has arguably the widest distribution of all fresh water turtles, ranging from southwestern coast of India to throughout the coastal regions of Southeast Asia. In India it has been reported mainly from Kerala to the west, Orissa and West Bengal to the east. Herein we report of an occurrence of P. cantorii in Cauvery river in Tamil Nadu, southern India, ca. 90 km in the river from the estuary. This is the most inland occurrence report of this species in India; whereas in most other regions of the country P. cantorii has been reported in the vicinity of the estuaries. Also a brief discussion on the distribution of these turtles in peninsular India has been provided here.


Asian giant softshell turtle; Cauvery river; India; occurrence; Pelochelys cantorii; Testudines; Trionychidae

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