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Morphological Reevaluation on the Subspecific Position of Darevskia derjugini in Turkey

Muammer Kurnaz, Ufuk Bülbül, Ali İhsan Eroğlu, Halime Koç, Bilal Kutrup


In this study, we present new morphological comparison between Darevskia derjugini derjugini and Darevskia derjugini barani in Turkish populations. Totally 55 specimens (21 for D. d. derjugini and 34 for D. d. barani) were used for the comparisons. Independent T-Test results indicated that the morphological characters used in discrimination of the two subspecies were not different in the specimens. The results of canonical discriminant analyses did not exhibit sufficiently distinction between two subspecies because many individuals overlapped between the D. d. derjugini and D. d. barani populations for both meristic and metric characters. In conclusion, we decided that only nominate subspecies, Darevskia derjugini derjugini live in Turkey.


Darevskia derjugini derjugini; Darevskia derjugini barani; pholidosis; metric; meristic; canonical discriminant analyses

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