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First Record of Parafimbrios lao Teynié, David, Lottier, Le, Vidal et Nguyen, 2015 (Squamata: Caenophidia: Xenodermatidae) for Thailand

Alexandre Teynié, Sjon Hauser


The genus and species of xenodermatid snake, Parafimbrios lao Teynié, David, Lottier, Le, Vidal et Nguyen, 2015 (Squamata: Caenophidia: Xenodermatidae), was described from Laos. In this paper, a new country record of this species is reported for Thailand. Three specimens were collected from the same locality in Nan Province, northern Thailand. Their morphology closely matches that of the two specimens known from Laos and of a single specimen from Vietnam. The Thai records extend the range of the species 250 km to the southwest. The habitat of the specimens from Nan is discussed in phylogeographic perspective.


Parafimbrios lao; Doi Phu Kha National Park; distribution; new records; phylogeography; taxonomy

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