Additional morphological data on Vipera (Pelias) cf. darevskii from the vicinity of Zekeriyaköy (Northeastern Anatolia)

Cemal Varol Tok, Murat Afsar, Kerim Çiçek


Two new Viper specimens obtained from Zekeriyaköy (Ardanuç, Artvin) in Northeastern Anatolia were investigated. When obtained data were compared with the related literature, it was observed that pholidosis characteristics and body measurements of the retrieved specimens were similar to both Vipera (Pelias) olguni and Vipera (Pelias) darevskii. The specimens were considered to be V. cf. darevskii since their defining characteristics were more similar to V. darevskii than V. olguni.


Zekeriyaköy; Vipera (Pelias) darevskii; Vipera (Pelias) olguni; Northeastern Anatolia

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