The First Description of the Tadpole of Lankanectes corrugatus (Peters, 1864) (Anura: Nyctibatrachidae) from Sri Lanka

Kanishka D. B. Ukuwela, Imesh Nuwan Bandara


Lankanectes corrugatus (Peters, 1863) is lowland and a lower mountain species of frog endemic to Sri Lanka. The tadpole stage of this frog is poorly known and hence described here from the tadpoles collected from central Sri Lanka. The tadpoles of these species have depressed bodies, mucous glands found all over the body, no glands in the tail, one labial tooth row on the anterior lip and three rows on the posterior lip. The labial tooth row formula of this species is 1/3(1)[2].


Lankanectes corrugatus; Fejervarya kirthisinghei; tadpole; central Sri Lanka

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