The Status of the Desert Monitor Varanus griseus caspius (Squamata: Varanidae) in the Mangistau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan and some features of the preimaginal stages of the longhorn beetles Neoplocaederus scapularis (Coleoptera: C

Mark V. Pestov, Anna N. Gnetneva, Aktan T. Mukhashov


This short report provides information on finding of cocoons of longhorn beetles (Neoplocaederus scapularis) from Ferula sp. in southern part of Mangistau Region of Republic of Kazakhstan. These cocoons according to size and shape looked very similar to the eggs of the desert monitor (Varanus griseus caspius). This record does not confirm the assumptions about distribution of the desert monitor in this region, based earlier on the erroneous identification of empty cocoon of Neoplocaederus scapularis as possible remnants of the egg of the monitor.


Kazakhstan; Mangistau Region; desert monitor; Varanus griseus caspius; eggshell; cocoons of Neoplocaederus scapularis; Ferula sp.

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