Record of a New Locality and General Distribution of the Far Eastern Skink (Plestiodon finitimus) on the Island of Kunashir (Kuril Archipelago, Far East of Russia)

Nikolai L. Orlov, Yuri N. Sundukov, Larissa A. Sundukova


A previously unknown population of the Far Eastern skink (Plestiodon finitimus) was discovered on the western slope of the Rurui volcano during a field study in a remote and poorly explored area in the northwest of Kunashir Island. The description of the area of this new find and the state of the discovered population are given. The modern distribution of Far Eastern skinks on the island of Kunashir is discussed.


Scincidae; Plestiodon finitimus; new record; distribution; Rurui volcano; Kunashir Island; Russian Far East

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