New Data on Habitats and Distribution of the Collared Dwarf Racer, Eirenis collaris (Ménétries, 1832) in Dagestan

Liudmila Mazanaeva, Zulfiya Ismaulova


The new data on distribution and habitats of the Collared dwarf racer in Dagestan are described and analyzed in this report. In 2000 – 2017 as results of numerous visits to the arid foothills and coastal lowlands in the southeast of Dagestan 21 new localities were recorded and all previously known 13 records were confirmed. The Collared dwarf racer is an Anterior Asian species; its habitats in Dagestan are also associated with arid landscapes throughout the distribution area. The approximate area of the region was calculated using Arc Gis 10. We describe typical habitats in Dagestan: in the Primorskaya lowlands and in the Extramountain region (foothills), characterized by a variety of landscapes.


serpentes; collared dwarf racer; Eirenis collaris; Dagestan; distribution; habitats

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