Ultrastructure of Spermatozoa of Elaphe schrenckii (Reptilia, Squamata)

Shan-Shan Wang, Yu-Yan Lu, Chen-Hao Yao, Shuo Qi, Jian-Xin Cheng, Lu Sheng-Xin, Zheng-Yan Zhou, Pi-Peng Li


Elaphe schrenckii (Serpentes, Colubridae), a kind of large nonvenomous snakes and great significance to maintain the stability of ecosystem in China. We provide detailed descriptions of the sperm microstructure and ultrastructure of E. schrenckii, experimented by light microscope and transmission electron microscope. The spermatozoon of E. schrenckii is filiform and consists of head and tail regions. The cross-section of acrosomal vesicle is always rounded and divided into medulla inside and cortex outside. The ultrastructure of acrosome complex observed the unilateral ridge, the single perforatorium, the perforatorium base plate, the epinuclear lucent zone, the subacrosomal space and the nuclear fossa at the end of nucleus connect the neck region. The neck region is short with the stratified laminar structure and observed the distal centriole and the proximal centriole are perpendicular and both consisted of nine triplets. Midpiece is long and observed the extracellular microtubules, the multilaminar membranec, the mitochondria with the dense bodies discontinuity distribting, the fibrous sheath, and the axoneme. The principal piece is after the annulus with no mitochondrias and the end piece with no mitochondrias neither the fibrous sheath. Our study contrasted the spermatozoa ultrastructure of 8 species belong to 5 families and 6 genera and added the sperm measurement compare, summarized that three Colubridae snakes are more similar than others momentarily but some specific characteristics in E. schrenckii and proved that the ultrastructure of sperm related to phylogeny in some ways.


Elaphe schrenckii; spermatozoon; ultrastructure; acrosome complex; perforatorium

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-2020-27-3-149-155


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