Captive Breeding of Two Colubrid Species — Zamenis situla and Elaphe sauromates (Serpentes: Colubridae) and Their Reproductive Biology in the Crimea

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Polyakova, Ilya Sergeevich Korshunov, Svetlana Petrovna Popovskaya, Oleg Vitaljevich Kukushkin


Presented data on the reproductive biology of two poorly studied species of the colubrid snakes of the Crimean fauna (Leopard snake, Zamenis situla; Blotched ratsnake, Elaphe sauromates) are based on the experience of their captive breeding and observations in nature. Reproductive characteristics of the both species in different parts of their ranges are compared. Some regional features of the Crimean Z. situla population in relation to fecundity of females and their body size upon sexual maturity reaching are revealed. An importance of alive collections of reptiles for in-depth study of the rare species biology and their effective protection is discussed.


Colubridae; Zamenis situla; Elaphe sauromates; captive breeding; reproductive biology; Crimea

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