Distribution of the Giant Glass Lizard, Pseudopus apodus (Sauria, Anguidae) in Dagestan, Russia

Liudmila F. Mazanaeva, Azim D. Askenderov


Distribution and biotopic allocation of Pseudopus apodus in Republic of Dagestan (North-Eastern Caucasus, Russia) were studied. During multiple surveys in 2004 – 2018 in lowland and piedmont parts of the republic, 81 new localities were recorded. The majority of previously known records (33 from 36) were confirmed. The area of known range of P. apodus is about 7467.4 km2. It is about 15% of territory of the republic. Such biotopic characteristics of P. apodus as elevation range, various climatic and vegetation characters, soils, and syntopic herpetofauna were analyzed.


Sauria; European glass lizard; Pseudopus apodus; Dagestan; distribution; habitats.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-2020-27-2-70-80


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