First Records of Bufo luchunnicus (Yang et Rao, 2008) and Amolops wenshanensis Yuan, Jin, Li, Stuart et Wu, 2018 (Anura: Bufonidae, Ranidae) from Vietnam

Cuong The Pham, Minh Duc Le, Chung Van Hoang, Anh Van Pham, Thomas Ziegler, Truong Quang Nguyen


We record two species of amphibians for the first time from Vietnam: Bufo luchunnicus from Lao Cai and Son La provinces and Amolops wenshanensis from Quang Ninh Province. Morphologically, the Vietnamese representatives of B. luchunnicus resemble the type series from China. The specimen of A. wenshanensis from Vietnam slightly differs from the type series from China by having a smaller size (SVL 33.2 mm vs. 35.7 – 39.9 mm in males) and the presence of distinct transverse bands on the dorsal surfaces of limbs. Genetic divergence between the sequence of the Vietnamese specimen and those of A. wenshanensis from China available from GenBank is 1.2 – 1.6% (ND2 gene). In addition, morphological data and natural history notes of aforementioned species are provided from Vietnam.


genetic divergence; morphology; new records; Lao Cai Province; Quang Ninh Province; Son La Province

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