Two New Species of Genera Protobothrops Hoge et Romano-Hoge, 1983 and Viridovipera Malhotra et Thorpe, 2004 (Ophidia: Viperidae: Crotalinae) from Karst Region in northeastern vietnam. Part I. Description of a New Species of Protobothrops

Nikolai L. Orlov, Sergey A. Ryabov, Thien Tao Nguyen


Two new species of Protobothrops and Viridovipera genera were recorded in karst region in Trung Khanh Nature Reserve, Cao Bang Province and karst region in Cat Ba National Park, Hai Phong Province in northeastern Vietnam. This paper (part I) includes description of a new species of Protobothrops genus. The short data on natural history and comparison with species of Protobothrops and Trimeresurus sensu lato are provided. Special focus is made on comparison with Indochina and southern China pitvipers from karst massifs in tropical and subtropical forests.


new species; Viridovipera; Protobothrops; Trimeresurus sensu lato; Trung Khanh Nature Reserve; Cao Bang Province; northeastern Vietnam; karst area

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