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First Record of Trimeresurus yingjiangensis (Squamata: Viperidae) from Myanmar

Shuo Liu, Ye Htet Lwin, Rui-chang Quan


We record Trimeresurus yingjiangensis Chen, Zhang, Shi, Tang, Guo, Song et Ding, 2019 for the first time from Myanmar based on three specimens collected from Htamanthi wildlife sanctuary, Sagaing Division, Myanmar. Morphologically the newly collected specimens from Myanmar mostly agree with the type series of T. yingjiangensis. Phylogenetically these individuals were placed in a clade with T. yingjiangensis from China, the pairwise genetic distances in DNA sequences of the mitochondrial cytb gene and the nuclear gene fragment c-mos gene between these individuals and T. yingjiangensis from China are 1.34% and 0.06%, respectively. Our finding records T. yingjiangensis for the first time from outside of China.


molecular analysis; morphology; green pitviper; new record; Htamanthi wildlife sanctuary; Myanmar

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