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A New Distribution Record of Polypedates pseudotilophus (Anura: Rhachoporidae) from East Java, Based on Morphology and Molecular Evidence

Nia Kurniawan, Ahmad Muammar Kadafi, Muhammad Fathoni, Richo Firmansyah, Kartika Prabasari, Muhammad Alif Fauzi


Polypedates pseudotilophus Matsui, Hamidy et Kuraishi, 2014 was priorly reported from Sumatra, West Java, and Central Java. Only a few specimens and genetic data were available and reports on its distributional range in Java are lacking. We reported a new distributional record of P. pseudotilophus from the lowland forest in Malang Regency, East Java Province, Indonesia, and provide morphological and genetic data. The East Java specimens were morphologically similar to Sumatra specimens also supported by genetic distance ranging between 2.2 – 2.4%. Although considered as conspecific, East Javan population formed a separate clade to Sumatran population.


amphibian; extended distribution; lowland forest; underestimated region

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