Studies on African Agama. II. Resurrection of Agama agama kaimosae Loveridge, 1935 (Squamata: Agamidae) from Synonymy and Its Elevation to Species Rank

Philipp Wagner, Alexander Burmann, Wolfgang Böhme


In the course of recent taxonomic studies of the genus Agama we revised East African taxa of the Agama agama group. In this paper, we resurrect A. agama kaimosae Loveridge, 1935 from synonymy of Agama caudospinosa and elevate it to full species rank. Studies of the morphology, color pattern and genetic distance indicate that Agama kaimosae is most closely related to A. mwanzae and to A. caudospinosa. It is clearly distinct and genetic distant to A. planiceps and the A. lionotus and A. agama complexes. New distribution records and the first photograph of a living male of A. kaimosae are provided.


Squamata: Agamidae: Agama kaimosae; Agama caudospinosa; Agama mwanzae; East Africa; Kenya; Tanzania; taxonomy; resurrection

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