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New Distribution Site and Supplementary Description on Variations of Gloydius huangi Wang, Ren, Dong, Jiang, Siler et Che, 2019 (Reptilia: Serpentes)

Sheng-Chao Shi, Jian-Yi Feng, Jian-Ping Jiang


The newly described species Gloydius huangi Wang, Ren, Dong, Jiang, Siler et Che, 2019 were described based on only three specimens from two sites. We report a new distribution site from Markam County, Tibet Autonomous Region, China with supplementary description on variation of morphology and mitochondrial genetics of the species. The new specimen varies from types of G. huangi on head scalation, coloration patterns, and hemipenis morphology. A distinct genetical distance 1.9 – 2.2% based on Cytb gene fragment exist between the new specimen and types of the species.


Gloydius huangi; variations; supplementary description; hemipenis

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