A New Lizard Species from Lacerta saxicola Group — Lacerta dryada sp. nov. (Sauria, Lacertidae) and Some Comments Relative to Lacerta clarkorum Darevsky et Vedmederja, 1977

Ilya S. Darevsky, Boris S. Tuniyev


The re-examination of Lacerta clarkorum Darevsky et Vedmederja, 1977 type series as well as analysis of the recently collected new material may suggest that within the frames of Northeastern Turkey and neighboring region of Adzharistan within the Georgia, live two close allopatric species: Lacerta clarkorum proper and a new species Lacerta dryada sp. nov., whose description is made in this article. Evidence is provided on the distribution and comparative ecology of both species, their possible phylogenetic relation being discussed.


Sauria; Lacertidae; Lacerta dryada sp. nov.; Lacerta clarkorum; Adzharistan; Turkey

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-1997-4-1-1-7


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