Big Turtle of the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia

L. I. Khosatzky


The paper was prepared for publication by L. A. Nessov and was intended to be published in special collected papers on herpetology which were not issued. The number of figures is reduced herein. They will be reproduced elsewhere with reference to L. I. Khosatzky. Identification of remains which belong to one or another specimen of the turtle was made by V. B. Sukhanov. The drawings of bones were made in an early stage of study of the materials, in 1950, therefore some of the figures lack exactness.

The turtle Mongolochelys efremovi gen. et sp. nov. is described and some important details of its skeleton are shown. A number of archaic features shows that this species was a relict in the turtle fauna of the late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) in Southern Mongolia.


fossil turtle; Mongolochelys efremovi gen. et sp. nov.; late Cretaceous; Mongolia

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