Description of the Distinct Pit Viper of Genus Ermia (Serpentes: Viperidae) of China

Fu-ji Zhang


After detailed comparison of the skulls and head muscles of Chinese species of Trimeresurus (sensu lato), a new genus should be established to include mangshanensis, a species described by Er-Mi Zhao and Yuan-hui Chen(1990) based on pit viper specimens from Mang Shan (Mt. Mang), Yizhang County, Hunan Province, China. This generic name was first proposed by Zhang Fu-ji in 1993 (p. 56). Here is the English translation of this paper.

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Zhang Fu-ji (1993), «Division of the genus Trimeresurus (sensu lato) (Serpentes: Viperidae), based on the morphology of their skulls», in: Zhao Er-mi, Chen Bi-hui, and T. J. Papenfuss (eds.), Proc. of the First Asian Herpetol. Meeting, Huangshan, China Forestry Press, Beijing, pp. 48 – 57 [in Chinese with English summary].

Zhao Er-mi and Chen Yuan-hui (1990), «Description of a New Species of the genus Trimeresurus», Sichuan J. Zool., 9(1), 11 – 12 [in Chinese with English summary].



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