mtDNA Analysis of the Genus Agkistrodon Species in Eastern Asia

Nam-Keuk Paik, Chang-Shin Park, Eun-Kyung Jung, Hei-Yung Lee, Michihisa Toriba


mtDNA analysis of eight populations of five species and subspecies of Asian Agkistrodon was performed using 11 restriction enzymes. Heteroplasmy was observed in a specimen of Chinese A. b. brevicaudus, and intra-populational variation was seen in A. ussuriensis in Korea. A. saxatilis from Korea and A. h. caraganus from Kirghizia were closely related. Russian and Korean A. ussuriensis were also close. However, A. b. brevicaudus and A. b. blomhoffii appeared to be very distinct, which needs detailed study in the future. Tsushima population of A. b. blomhoffii seems to be a distinct form.


Reptilia; Serpentes; Crotalinae; Agkistrodon; Asia; mtDNA; systematics

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