Problems of the Morphology of the Theriodonts (Reptilia)

Leonid P. Tatarinov


In scaloposaurians Karenites and Scalopognathus the mandibular coronoid process is not raised from the edge of the lower jaw and the external mandibular adductor is not attached to the summit of this process. Morphologically it is primitive state. High coronoid process was acquired by gorgonopsians and other theriodonts, including scaloposaurians, independently. In gorgonopsians, when mouth opened, the articular is rotated on the medial condyle of the quadrate; this movement is promoted by simultaneous rotation of the quadrate around its vertical axis. In therocephalians the quadrate is immovable, the articular is rotated on its lateral condyle. The division of the jaw joint on two condyles can be lost in scaloposaurians. The provisional connection of the stapes with the lower jaw, used for sound conduction, is established in some scaloposaurians. The basipterygoid articulation of some scaloposaurians is formed probably by the epipterygoid only, the carotid and Vidian canals are absent. In the evolution of theriodonts the palatal teeth are replaced with osseous ridges first, then these ridges are lost.


Theriodonts; Scaloposaurians; Permian; upper; Triassic; lower; morphology; skull; stapes

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