Two New Species of the Genus Geckobia (Acari: Pterygosomatidae) from Geckons (Lacertilia: Gekkonomorpha) with a Brief Review of Host-Parasite Associations of the Genus

Andrei V. Bochkov, Sergei V. Mironov


Two new species of the genus Geckobia (Acari: Pterygosomatidae) — G. anocellatus sp.n. ex Eublepharis angramainyu (Eublepharoidea: Eublepharidae) from Iraq and G. hirsti sp.n. ex Tenuidactylus caspius (Gekkonoidea: Gekkonidae) from Turkmenistan are described. Host-parasite associations of the genus and species groups with different taxa of Gekkonomorpha are briefly discussed.


Ectoparasites; Pterygosomatidae; new species; Geckobia; Gekkonomorpha

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