Reproduction in the Invasive Lizard, Carlia ailanpalai (Squamata: Scincidae) from Oceania

Stephen R. Goldberg, Fred Kraus


We examined the reproductive cycle of Carlia ailanpalai in the Mariana Islands by a histological examination of gonadal material. Reproduction appears to occur year-round in this locality. The mean clutch size was 2.0 (n = 20), and females may produce multiple clutches in the same year. The smallest reproductively active male measured 42 mm SVL, and the smallest reproductively active females measured 43 mm SVL. The collection of neonates at different times of the year suggests a wide period of egg production. In view of the prolonged period of reproduction, the potential of transmitting Salmonella sp. to humans and the deleterious effects of C. ailanpalai on native lizards, colonization by this species should be closely monitored and discouraged.


alien skink; invasion; Marianas; Micronesia; Pacific islands

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