A New Species of Pseudotrapelus (Agamidae, Sauria) from Aqaba, Southern Jordan

Daniel Melnikov, Roman Nazarov, Natalia Ananjeva, Ahmad Disi


A new species of Pseudotrapelus from Aqaba, southern Jordan is described. It differs from P. sinaitus in four well developed separated preanal pores in males, 3rd toe much longer than 4th and 16% incorrect p-distance (COI). Taxonomic relationships between Arabian Peninsula Pseudotrapelus need further investigations.


Squamata; Acrodonta; Agamidae; Pseudotrapelus aqabensis; new species; southern Jordan, Barcode

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-2012-19-2-143-154


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