Description of a New Species of Shield-Head Vipers — Pelias olguni sp. nov. from Basin of Upper Flow of the Kura River in Turkey

S. B. Tuniyev, A. Avcı, B. S. Tuniyev, A. L. Agasian, L. A. Agasian


Localities of the records of Pelias darevskii indicated in the literature and known from the personal communications were inspected. The comparison of morphology and ecology of animals from northeastern Turkey and from the type locality of Pelias darevskii in Armenia made it possible to make conclusion about the specific independence of the vipers living in Turkey. It is given the description of the new species of shield-head vipers from basin of upper flow of the Kura River. The possible ways of speciation of the relict representatives of «kaznakovi» complex in the southwestern part of Caucasian Ecoregion are discussed.


North-East Anatolia; Armenia; Pelias darevskii sensu lato; Pelias olguni sp. nov.; biogeographical notes; possible speciation

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