An Account on Poorly Known Corral Red Snake Oligodon kheriensis Acharji et Ray, 1936 from Assam, India

Sanjoy Sutradhar, Anukul Nath


Oligodon kheriensis, a kukri snake originally described from North Kheri Division, Eastern Circle, Kheri-Lakhimpur, in the United Provinces, Uttar Pradesh is recorded from Kokrajhar, Assam. This is the first authentic report of the snake from Assam. This species is very rare and only two authentic records were reported in the past, one from Uttar Pradesh (holotype), India and the other from Mahendranagar, in extreme southwestern Nepal. This species was thought to be geographically isolated from Oligodon cyclurus. But this present finding shows that the Oligodon kheriensis overlaps the distribution of Oligodon cyclurus and confirms the range extension upto western Assam.


Oligodon kheriensis; distribution; habitat; Kokrajhar; Assam; India

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