Morphological Variation of the Eastern Sand Lizard, Lacerta agilis exigua Eichwald, 1831 (Squamata, Lacertidae) in Kazakhstan

Marina A. Chirikova, Vladimir M. Dubjansky, Tatjana N. Dujsebayeva


208 specimens of Lacerta agilis exigua from 11 localities of Western, Central and Eastern Kazakhstan have been studied, and compared in respect of their body proportions and scalation. The sexual dimorphism of some characters (Ventr., L.ta/L.a) is shown. Maximum body length (SVL) and anal index (L.ta/L.a) is recorded for the specimens from the southern populations (Taldy-Kurgan, Aktyubinsk). A maximum number of scales around the mid-body (Sq) has found in Semipalatinsk, Aktyubinsk, and Uralsk localities. The increasing of Ventr. in two directions: from west to east and from south to north is shown. A cline variation is shown for scale correlation in the postnasal region. The frequency of 2/1 combination increases from east to west, while 1/2 and 1/1 combinations change in opposite direction. The variation of preanals with an additional shield between two enlarged ones is shown for 10 (except of Ayaguz) localities.


Squamata; Lacertidae; Lacerta agilis; body proportions; scalation; morphological variation; Kazakhstan

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