The Study of Age, Growth, and Longevity in the Triploid Hybrids of Rock Lizards of the genus Darevskia in Armenia

Marine Arakelyan


Skeletochronological study of rock lizards hybrids Darevskia valentini × D. unisexualis, D. valentini × D. armeniaca, D. nairensis × D. unisexualis, and their parental species, collected from three mixed populations (near village of Kuchak, Lchashen, Lchap — mountainous regions of central Armenia) proved their similar pattern of growth. However, the hybrids are characterized by faster rate of growth and predominantly bigger size of body in each age group contrary to their parental species. The longevity of studied hybrids is same as in parental species and reaches 6 – 7 years.


rock lizards; hybrids; age; growth; skeletochronology

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