A New Name for Phrynocephalus theobaldi orientalis Wang, Papenfuss et Zeng, 1999

Andrei Barabanov, Natalia Ananjeva, Theodore J. Papenfuss, Yuezhao Wang


Reptilia; Agamidae; China; Phrynocephalus; Phrynocephalus theobaldi lhasaensis nom. nov.

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Bedriaga J. V. (1912), «Amphibien und Reptilien», in: Wissenschaftliche Resultate der von N. M. Przewalski nach Central-Asien unternommenen Reisen. Zoologischer Theil, Bd. III, Abth. 1.

ICZN (International Comission on Zoological Nomenclature) (1999), International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. Fourth Edition adopted by the International Union of Biological Sciences, International Trust of Zoological Nomenclature, London.

Wang Y.-Z., Zeng X.-M., Fang Z.-L., Wu G.-F., Papenfuss T. J., and Macey J. R. (1999), «Study on the relationships of classification, phylogenetics and distribution of the genus Phrynocephalus spp. (Sauria, Agamidae) wih the paleogeographical changes during Cenozoic era in Tibet Plateau», Zool. Res., 20(3), 178 – 185 [in Chinese with English summary].

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-2002-9-1-80


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