The Red Data Book of Ul’yanovsk Oblast’: Amphibians and Reptiles

V. Krivosheev


Red Data Book; biological diversity; amphibians; reptiles

Full Text:



Ananjeva N. B., Orlov N. L., Khalikov R. G., Darevsky I. S., Ryabov S. A., and Barabanov A. V. (2004), Colored Alas of the Reptiles of North Eurasia (Taxonomic Diversity, Distribution, Conservation Status), St. Petersburg [in Russian???].

Krivosheev V. A. (2002), «Red Data Book of the Ul’yanovsk Oblast’: amphibians and reptiles», in: The Nature of the Simbirsk Volga Region: Scientific Works Collection. Vol. 3, Ul’yanovsk regional museum, Ul’yanovsk, pp. 157 – 165 [in Russian].

Saksonov S. V. and Rosenberg G. S. (2000), The Organization and Methodical Aspects of Red Listing, Izd. Inst. Ékol. Volzhskogo Bass., Tol’yatti [in Russian].



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