New Species of Theloderma from Kon Tum Province (Vietnam) and Nagaland State (India) [Anura: Rhacophoridae]

Nikolai L. Orlov, S. K. Dutta, H. V. Ghate, Y. Kent


Eleven known species of the genus Theloderma are distributed in Indochina, eastern India, Sumatra (Indonesia) and Sri Lanka (see Appendix I). A description of two new species is presented. Theloderma ryabovi sp. nov. originated from Kon Tum Province, Vietnam. It is characterized by a combination of the following characters: webs between fingers and toes, shape of head and body, limb proportions, nature of integument and color pattern. A second new species, Theloderma nagalandensis sp. nov. is described from Nagaland State, northeastern India. It differs from the congeners in the following characters: head shape, tympanum size, dorsal ridges and warts, webbing between fingers and toes, coloration and possesion of vomerine teeth.


Amphibia; Anura; Rhacophoridae; Theloderma; new species; Kon Tum Province; Vietnam; Nagaland State; northeastern India

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