New Subspecies of Meadow Lizard, Darevskia praticola loriensis ssp. nov. (Reptilia: Sauria) from Armenia

Sako B. Tuniyev, Igor Doronin, Boris Tuniyev, A. Aghasyan, A. Kidov, L. Aghasyan


Geographical variability of Darevskia praticola in the Caucasian Isthmus is analyzed. Description of the new subspecies Darevskia praticola loriensis ssp. nov. is given from the Lori Province of Northern Armenia. Possible ways of speciation and radiation of subspecies of Darevskia praticola within the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia are discussed.


Darevskia praticola; geographical variability; the Caucasus; Armenia; Darevskia praticola loriensis ssp. nov.

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