Distribution of Pitvipers of «Gloydius blomhoffii» Complex in Russia with the First Records of Gloydius blomhoffii blomhoffii at KunashirIsland (Kuril Archipelago, Russian Far East)

Nikolai L. Orlov, Yuri Sundukov, Ivan Kropachev


Only one species of «Gloydius blomhoffii» complex — Gloydius ussuriensis was earlier known on the territory of the Russian Federation. The present paper discuss important new records of Gloydius blomhoffii blomhoffii (Boie, 1826) in the Kuril islands and the new data on the distribution of the forms of «Gloydius blomhoffii» complex within the territory of Russian Federation.


Viperidae; Crotalinae; Gloydius; distribution; Gloydius blomhoffii – complex» new record; Russian Far East; Kunashir islandViperidae; Crotalinae; Gloydius; distribution; «Gloydius blomhoffii – complex» new record; Russian Far East; Kunashir island

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-2014-21-3-169-178


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