Babina lini (Chou, 1999) and Hylarana menglaensis Fei, Ye et Xie, 2008, Two Additional Anuran Species for the Herpetofauna of Vietnam

Dzung Trung Le, Anh Van Pham, Son Hung Lan Nguyen, Thomas Ziegler, Truong Quang Nguyen


Two ranid species, Babina lini and Hylarana menglaensis, are recorded for the first time from Vietnam on the basis of a new amphibian collection from Dien Bien and Son La provinces. In addition, acoustic analyses of these species are also provided based on the advertisement calls recorded in Muong Nhe Nature Reserve of Dien Bien Province.


Babina lini, Hylarana menglaensis, new records, advertisement calls, Dien Bien Province, Son La Province

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