Record of Albino Sand Boa (Gongylophis conicus) from Sangli District, Western Maharashtra, India

Suresh Mallappa Kumbar, Abhijit B. Ghadage, Satywan S. Patil, Swapnali B. Lad


Common Indian sand boa Gongylophis conicus is a non-venomous species found in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (Khaire, 2006). Body color pattern consists of a broad zigzag band or a series of dark brown blotches on a yellowish or brownish gray ground color. Anterior dorsal scales of G. conicus are only feebly keeled, but these keels increase in size posteriorly to become so heavily keeled that it can make a squirming specimen really painful to handle. These morphological features make it look as the front and rear ends belong to markedly different animals.


Sand boa; albino; southern India

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