Dietary Records of Yellow-Headed Agama in Hormozgan Province, Iran

Ali Turk Qashqaei, Faraham Ahmadzadeh


We collected 25 fecal pellets of yellow-headed agama, Laudakia nupta fusca (Blanford, 1876) for analysis in laboratory from Keshar Protected Area and Homag Protected Area in South Iran. We estimated frequency of occurrence (FO%), dry volume (V%) and importance value (IV%) of each food item. Finally, we identified 9 food items (6 animal items and 3 plant items) in fecal pellets from 7 categories (orders). The most important food items in fecal pellets were Daphne oleoides, beetles and ants. According to this data, yellow-headed agama is omnivorous species.


ants; beetles; Daphne oleoides; fecal pellet; food item; measuring cylinder

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