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Recent Sight Records of Black Microhylid Frog, Melanobatrachus indicus Beddome, 1878 in Marayoor Forests, Idukki District, Kerala

Muhamed Jafer Palot, P. M. Sureshan


The Black Microhylid Frog Melanobatrachus indicus is a rare and endangered species known only from very few specimens from the southernmost part of the Western Ghats. A good population of these species was reported for the first time from the highland montane shola forests Marayoor, Idukki district, Kerala. The present report forms the highest altitude record for the species, about 1700 m and also accounts for the most numerous populations ever recorded for the species from the Western Ghats. An updated review of the present distribution of the Black Microhylid frog is also provided.


Western Ghats; Melanobatrachus indicus; distribution; endemism

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