First Country Record of Parafimbrios lao Teynié, David, Lottier, Le, Vidal et Nguyen, 2015 (Squamata: Xenodermatidae) for Vietnam

Truong Quang Nguyen, Anh Van Pham, Son Lan Hung Nguyen, Minh Duc Le, Thomas Ziegler


Parafimbrios lao, a xenodermatid snake recently described as new genus and species from northern Laos, is recorded for the first time from Vietnam based on a single male specimen from Son La Province. The newly collected specimen from Vietnam slightly differs from the two known Laotian specimens in size (SVL 310 mm vs. 236 – 298 mm) and in the number of subcaudals (53 vs. 55 – 56) as well as a low genetic divergence of 1.6% (COI gene).


Parafimbrios lao; distribution; new record; phylogeny; taxonomy; Copia Nature Reserve

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